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What Are the Advantages of LED Car Work Lights

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The car work light is quite important for driving safety. There are mainly three kinds of lights available on the market-halogen work light, xenon work light and LED work light which are distinctively different in brightness, color temperature, penetration. Today, we'll make comparisons among the three to figure out which light can be best to make your driving safer. 

Brightness refers to how bright the light is. Generally, the xenon light and the LED light are bright than the halogen light. The xenon or the LED headlight, if designed to be adaptive, can help you see more clearly in the night.

The xenon light and the LED have similar brightness-both can be designed to provide a lot of light and reach far. LED lights tend to last much longer than xenon work lights. The color temperatures are divided into “warm colors (such as tungsten bulbs)” and “cool colors (such as daylight)”. Halogen light source has a color temperature of around 4000K and emits yellow light due to its own property. In a thick frog, Halogen light turns the frog around into yellow, easily seen by pedestrians and drivers.  

The color temperature of halogen lights is always up to 6000K. The white light of halogen lights turn the frog whiter as sunlight does, making it more difficult to see objects clearly 

Actually, the“penetration of light" we refer to is not how far the light can reach but whether it can be recognized, which is the same reason why red yellow, and green are used as traffic lights.  Not brighter enough, but recognizable enough. After all, on a foggy day, it is important not only for you to see others clearly but also for others to see you clearly. 

LED is the best choice for driving on a froggy day as it can emit both white and yellow lights.

With high brightness, longer lifetime, lower power consumption and various colors LED light source is likely to be used as most automotive headlamps. At present, the lighting system of cars upgrades relatively slowly because the government and car producers do not take it seriously and do not have high requirements for fog lights and daytime running light. Some cheap car producer even equips their cars with an inferior lightening system, greatly increasing the risk of traffic accidents. 

The variable environment in driving has a high requirement on the illumination effect and warning effect of car headlights. The traditional halogen light and xenon light with their limited brightness and color temperature are inadequate for safe driving. LEDs have many advantages over the two light sources, including higher brightness, lower power consumption, longer lifetime, and a wide range of color temperature from 3000 to 7000k. Despite the in a dark night or a thick fog, LED can provide the best illumination effect and make your driving much safer. Hence, LED light is doomed to take the place of halogen light and xenon light in car headlamps in the future. 


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